The D3I Project

D3I is a project funded by PDI-SSH. PDI-SSH is responsible for allocating resources to digital infrastructure facilities within the SSH domain, for coordinating digital infrastructures in the SSH domain and for strategy within that domain. For more information, see their website. The D3I project runs from March 2022 to February 2025 and primarily aims to make data donation available to all social science and humanities researchers in the Netherlands.

The D3I Project structure

For supervision, the D3I team regularly meets with its Core team:

Core Team:

In addition, the D3I Team and Core Team have bi-monthly meetings with the Governance Board to provide steering and input for the project, ensuring that the developments are suitable for a wide range of disciplines and institutional settings.

Governance Board:

D3I Partners

For the development of Port, we collaborate with Eyra, developers of open-source software for scientific purposes. Please see their website for more information.

To make Port available on SURF Research Cloud, we collaborate with SURF.